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8 January 2016

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler

The internet today has really come a long way. December 2015 marked its 25th anniversary, so here is a brief reflection on how it all started.

First ever website

We’ve come a long way since the first ever website was published in 1990. It all started in 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the Word Wide Web. Berners-Lee, a scientist at CERN’s original idea was to provide a platform to share information between scientists in universities and institutions around the world.

The first ever website

first ever website

The original website was reconstructed and is back in place where it began and can be found by clicking this link to the first ever website. It was hosted on a NeXT computer, which is still alive today and has recently been serviced (well in 2009), a good testimonial to its founder Steve Jobs.

It makes me think today how impatient we are compared to 25 years ago as the video below demonstrates accessing the first ever website using a prehistoric modem and a teletypewriter.

The future of the internet?

If we can come this far in 25 years, where will we be in 25 years time?

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