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16 February 2016

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler

Market Harborough is a beautiful town, there is no doubting it. If you are lucky enough to work here you'll always want to work here. Let's attract more businesses to be here.

Website Design Market Harborough

If you’re a business in Market Harborough and you need a website, our Market Harborough based web design company could be for you. We’ve been around for many years and we are based in Lubenham with easy parking, a kettle that’s never off and a healthy supply of custard creams.

the old grammar school

The iconic symbol of Market Harborough, The Old Grammar School, built in 1614 by local man Robert Smyth.

So you have a business based here in Market Harborough or the surrounding area and you need to be found online. Well, firstly what a great town to work in? Aren’t we lucky not having to commute to London or drive into Leicester or Northampton, or queue on a motorway?

Let’s make the businesses of Market Harborough succeed so we can all stay working here!

We are all used to hearing people say “Market Harborough? Where’s that?” and we accept that. We don’t mind the fact that most people have never heard of us being such a beautiful rural town buried in the Leicestershire countryside, that’s ok.

However, if you own a business that might be a problem particularly if you are exposing your market to the wider UK or overseas.

The internet allows us to do that, but lately i.e. over the last 10 years, it has become more and more competitive.  The days of being able to launch as website, optimise it for a few keywords and become a nationwide success on a shoe string budget are long over. It takes more than that. It takes a strategy and a talented website design company to be able to achieve those results.

Look at your competition. How does their website perform? Search for your target market online and see who and what shows up and where.

Initially, it may look a bit daunting when you see how impressive your competitions website may look and how apparently ‘sewn-up’ they seem to have the market when it comes to search engine positioning.

But this is where we come in.

We are the strong arm of your new marketing team. We look at the competition and see it exactly as that, fair competition. We spot the chinks in the armour, the design flaws, missed opportunities and list them all utilising these in your new website design.

We are not overwhelmed by how successful your competition are. They aren’t employing us, you are, so you already have an advantage!

You’ve made the first right move to a successful web presence

We bring all the skills you’d expect to find in a London agency to Market Harborough with the exception of the London price tag.

An increasing number of businesses are locating to our beautiful town because of its thriving economy and transport links, it makes sense for us to be here too. After all, we live here and why would we want to move! – Notice how that wasn’t a question?

We have a keen eye for design and website user experience which you’ll see when you look over our website portfolio. A website to us is all about ease of use, engagement and conversion.

We also host our websites here in Leicestershire. This may or may not interest you but when it comes to being found online, it is a very important part.

So how do we get to being a hugely successful business online, or getting the phones ringing off the hook?

We need to explore this. Like with any big step, it needs to be made with utmost consideration. You are planning your income, your lifestyle, your kids’ education and your future. This is all down to the success of your ability to generate income which as we know is linked to the success of your business.

Be wary of false promises made by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies, or website companies claiming to be able to keep your website in the top three of search results for what appears to be a very reasonable price.

Think about this logically. At the top there’s room for only one entity and that position is awarded to the entity who deserves to be there. The only way to be there is by having a well thought out strategy based on long term goals and a solid plan with steady marketing activity to get there.

SEO has changed dramatically since the birth of search engines, and a lot of it can be performed by you.

If you have a steady, solid and legitimate SEO strategy, you will gradually increase your search position. When you do reach nearer the top, or even hit the top, because your strategy has been gradual over time with solid foundations, you will more likely stay on top.

Your competition will be left wondering how and why they can’t topple you. You’ll be safe.

If you want to get there quickly, i.e. within a couple of weeks, and an SEO company promises you these results, then you’ll probably be disappointed long term. You can pay Google for pay-per-click advertising and be one of the top sponsored links, but this will cost heavily, and if your website isn’t as good as it needs to be to convert, pay-per-click will be a waste of money.

So, you’re in Market Harborough same as us. Call us up and we’ll put the kettle on and bring out the custard creams. If it’s just the Custard Creams you’re after, we’ll let you know if we’ve ran out and you can pick some up at the Spar on the way over.

Call 01858 455426 (Ask for me – Adrian)

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