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19 November 2015

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler

Design covers all aspects of a good website, and not just the visual elements. To achieve the best results, equal levels of consideration needs to be paid to each element of the project.

What makes a good website? Part 1

A good website generally does not start with a nice looking design. Although this is important, the design should reflect the sites functionality, its content and organisations brand.

So in this article, we cover what we discuss with any new project for a company which wishes to promote their services, which gives the client all they need to know when considering a new website, or their first website.

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What makes a good website?

Most people who contact the Web-Lab.Co for a new website, have various ideas on what it should be. This is normal, and we expect that. More often than not, they are torn between it serving one purpose or another and quite often visualise something which isn’t in line with the desired end results, depending on what they are.

So, in this multi-part article, we tackle the important points one by one with a view to simplifying the pathway to achieving a successful project.

1. Work backwards

It seems like an unnatural thing to do, but to arrive exactly where you want to be, you have to focus on the end result. The same with any journey, you need to know the destination before you can successfully plan a route, and the same applies to designing a website.

Focus on the function. Although you may have many ideas as to what the site will actually do, there is often a singular message which needs to be the main focus. Whether the sites purpose is to generate sales, create awareness of a place or thing, educate people, handle bookings or sell on line, we have to focus primarily on whichever function it is to be able to effectively deliver that function successfully.

2. Analyse the sales process

Let’s take for example ISE Fire Products & Services. The company has a long standing record of delivering fire extinguisher servicing, fire safety training, fire risk assessments and fire alarm systems. Anyone of those three services make up the businesses product portfolio in equal proportions. Arguably, the website needs to be about all three, which it is, but what should we focus on?

When discussing projects similar to this, we need to analyse the sales process and ask some questions. How would you generate a sale for a fire alarm system? How would you sell a fire risk assessment? How would you get a service contract on a clients’ fire extinguishers?

We need to know which would come first

To get the business for fire safety training, you are more likely to succeed if you are already servicing their fire extinguishers. If you are supplying this service, you already have a contact within the organisation who deals with the servicing and any required training, same applies to fire risk assessments and in most cases fire alarm systems.

In this situation, a good starting point would be to focus on fire extinguisher servicing as a primary topic which would ultimately market the companies’ other services as a result of trust already being established coupled with the natural ease of purchasing from a trusted supplier.

We continue in the next article with the first important element which brings success to any website. What makes a good website – Part 2

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