Website Hosting Services

At the Web-Lab Co. we have our own website hosting servers and we offer this as a service to our customers whether we design you a website or not.

We decided to invest in our own web servers when it became apparent that we couldn’t get a fast enough hosting service from a third party. Too many other users created a bottle-neck to our sites as most third party hosting companies run their systems with many thousands of other sites hosted alongside our own.

Based in Leicester, in the heart of the UK

Also, with the highly strict data protection laws in this country, it remains our view that UK websites really ought to be hosted in the UK to ensure they are compliant. Our web servers are hosted in Leicestershire, near the Northamptonshire border, right in the heart of the Midlands.

Our web servers are maintained by Apograph Ltd, our parent company on a daily basis, fully backed up and are covered by a well-tuned disaster recovery plan. Anyone choosing to host their website with us can be assured their site is in safe hands and is protected.

Low contention

We never put more than 50 websites on a single web server, so contention is never a problem. We have full resource monitoring in place as well as load balancing. These may sound technical terms to a novice but rest assured, we can explain these in more detailed for those wishing to know.

Very affordable

From as little as £5 per month, we can host your website. We can transfer your existing site over to our web hosting platform removing all technical responsibility from yourself.

Talk to one of our technical people to find out how easy it is to transfer your website to the Web-Lab Co. hosting servers, or if you have any questions, call 01858 455426.

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